This Too Shall Pass

If a man for whatever reason has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself!


Even the simple things like Reading/watching News has become a daunting task nowadays. Every channel, every newspaper, goes on and on about the latest body count. Amidst such a negative set up, how can we stay positive and motivated?

I am not advocating that we should throw caution to the wind and get back to the life before Corona. Lets take all the precaution that`s necessary. Stay away from Crowds. Stay at home. Sanitise. Be Masked.

However, lets not go into depression thinking that the world, as we knew, has come to an end.

Firstly, the mortality rate (i.e, the no of people who die after being infected) is around 3%. That`s 97% reasons not to be gloomy! (Exactly 100 years ago, the world experienced something similar, but with a mortality rate greater than 10%!!) We should just be thankful that we are living in 2020, and not 1920.

Upside to corona is that, doctors and scientists all over the world has come together like never before to find a cure to this epidemic. We are starting to learn what true collaboration looks like. It was indeed a rude awakening for most of the advanced nations, about their healthcare systems.

We are enjoying better air Quality than before. (WHO estimates ~4.6 Mil People die due to air pollution each year – in your face Corona :P) Nature is flourishing. Wildlife is seen thriving everywhere. (Only for MCU fans – I Just remembered, Cap saying he saw whales in the Hudson. After Thanos wiped out half of the universe)

We got to spend time with our family.

Those who always complained that they never had time for their personal development, reading, exercising, realised that there wasn’t a shortage of time, but discipline.

We all got a chance to evaluate our set ways of thinking. challenge the status quo. and if we could learn one thing from history, disruption always leads to innovation.

I am personally thankful to this lock down, since it gave me time as well as perspective.

I started working out(when all the gyms in the world were open, it didn’t even cross my mind that I had to lose weight; Once they announced the lock down, I suddenly got a hankering for dumbbells. I had to do good with filled water cans and my CA books – I told you; Innovation)

I completed all my coaching courses. Though these courses were in my Udemy cart from almost a year now, it was the lock down that allowed me to take them up and complete. I am now a Certified NLP and CBT Coach.

I re-sparked my passion for writing. Wrote 10 blogs in short period of 2 Months or so. you wouldn’t be reading this piece if it wasn’t for the Covid Lock-down.

So please remember, inspite of what the news says, its not all gloomy out there. As always, there are as many inspiring stories as there are negative ones; they just dont make it to the headlines.

Some tips to Stay Positive during the unprecedented blacks-swan event:

Limit your Exposure to Negative news

its OK to casually watch the news for couple of minutes to catch upon the latest developments and stay updated about the information from governments. But dont give in and start to Binge watch episode after episodes of “Breaking News” “Exclusively on our Channel”. It Gradually feeds the paranoid in you. Instead, read

Be with positive people

Staying Positive is infectious. Surround yourself with positive people. Read positive books or watch sitcoms like “Friends” or “Big Bang Theory”. Whenever you get depressing thoughts or you hear people talking about Covid, watch funny videos on Youtube.


I dont have to tell you the effects of meditation, unless you are new to the concept. Meditating even for 3-5 Mins brings rapid change in your mood. Put on your earphones(you can play a soothing music if you want, works otherwise too) and just concentrate on your breathing. Do not try to manipulate the breath (dont breathe faster or slower) Let the breathe be natural. Just bring your awareness to the breathing and see the mind calm down. You can also try Mindfulness meditation.

Practice gratitude

As Advocated by Jack Canfield, Practising gratitude can intensely uplift your mood. Be thankful for the food you get. The family around you. If you have food on your table, roof over your head, clean water to drink and warm clothes, you are better than 60% of the worlds population. Let that sink in.

Do one good thing

Doing something good for others always makes us forget our worries. If you are financially blessed, donate to charities fighting Covid. Help some one whos laid off, get a job. Help your Spouse in Kitchen. However small the deed is, it will always puts you in the state of happiness.

Pick up a new habit. Finish the book that has been sitting on your night stand from days. Clean the weeds in your garden and appreciate the flowers.

Lets Overcome the feeling of uncertainty and Fear about the future. Lets calm ourselves and our loved ones from panicking. When this blows over, we may realise that it might be what we wanted to set our lives straight.

This too, Shall Pass!

3 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Very well written… We always have so many huge aspirations and tend to run behind them that we forget to find happiness in smaller things that bring us joy…

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  2. Excellent post, I’m enjoying reading your work. I love watching friends, doing meditation and reading anything that Jack Canfield writes. I also agree with surrounding ourselves with positive people 😊

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