Who Am I!

Who Am I? its the same question which bugged mankind from millenniums. It gave rise to various scriptures, school of thoughts.

I am a High-functioning Introvert. With an IQ of 138, I officially qualify to be a genius(with less than 0.5% of the entire population of the world). However it comes with its own baggage as well. Anyhow, I am believer of “I CAN” is what matters rather than “IQ”. Books and TV-Shows/Movies are my biggest hobbies. I am a Certified CBT Coach, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified EFT/TFT Coach, Certified LOA Coach. I know, Lot of Certificates.. Basically, I am Certified in Reading your Mind!! Just Kidding, I cant handle that kind of Super Power. I love helping people discover their true inner self and achieve their true potential. Hence so many certificates.

Here is my Profile, as published in a magazine

Harikrishna Puranik has been associated with the Industries in Mysore for more than 10 years. A Chartered Accountant by profession, over the years he has handled roles as varied as an Articled Assistant, to Heading the Finance and Commercials Functions of various European MNCs Operating in Mysore. Clearing the coveted CA Exams in his very first attempt, at the age of 23, he started his career at Wuerth Elektronik India Pvt Ltd, and, since 2018 has moved to Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt Ltd, as Senior Finance Manager. Harikrishna has worked in various capacities at Sankalp, from running the day to day operations of Finance, to assisting in due diligence and related matters during various acquisitions.  He moved out of his role in Sankalp, upon its acquisition by HCL Technologies.

Harikrishna has also tried his hand in entrepreneurship, by setting up his consulting business “Your Virtual Office“, for providing services like book-keeping, auditing, back office services, with a motto ‘You take care of the business, we take care of the rest‘. After successfully building the business and handing it off to his juniors, he eventually founded “Your Own CFO” a strategic counsulting firm, with an intent to help the start up environment in and around his home town, Mysore.

He currently heads the Finance and Commercials function at Plansee India High Performance Materials Pvt Ltd, a Wholly Owned Subsidy of Plansee Group, Austria, global market leader in Strong Metals

A firm believer in necessity of transformation in the finance as a function and the importance of building innovation into the processes of the organisation, Harikrishna is currently spearheading a transformative initiative at Plansee India to ensure the finance organization becomes a strategic partner to the management, while leveraging its unrivalled expertise in cost controlling and revenue maximization. The ultimate aim of this transformation initiative is to make finance a trend setter of holistic processes that are accurate and timesaving. Harikrishna has a keen interest in making the finance and risk management processes lean, to make the function a strategic partner rather than just a bookkeeper. Automation in Finance and Adaption of best practices of various other industries such as Programming into Finance, have been areas where Harikrishna has an active interest. He has been able to contribute positively to building effective techniques to adapt said technologies into finance as a function. Harikrishna is a certified NLP Practitioner and a certified CBT Life Coach. He is also a member of the Finance and Taxation Panel of CII Mysore. Harikrishna has been able to further share his passion for corporate excellence, building innovative systems, economics, and finance. He has also spoken and given lectures on these and other topics at various management institutions and business forums. Outside of work, Harikrishna is an avid reader and a huge fan of Hollywood. His interests include photography, blogging and social service.

I love Travelling!! I have travelled somewhat better than average, although not as much as I want to!

I did explore my interest in writing, during my college days. I started a Youth Magazine “Kalarava” along with my friend. We did successfully run it for about 3 years, before our academic and professional lives caught up to us and we had to discontinue the magazine due to lack of time.

And, here I am, to give it a try again.

Wish me Luck!!

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