Lucky !?!

Luck ? “Luck” is my Second Name. First Name is “Bad”

-Definitely Not Me

July 17th, 2012, I had just cleared one of the coveted exams in the world.

I had never been studious. Never cared for marks. Never tried to appear Intelligent in front of others. So clearly being the underdog, lot of people, when they called me to congratulate, told me “you are soo lucky”

Somewhere in 2006, I landed in Mysore, Back in my home town. After living for 5 years like a monk and completing my schooling, I was ready for what the world could through at me. Boy the World was ready as well! I enrolled directly to become a Chartered Accountant, without waiting to complete my graduation. My parents, as did everybody else, thought I could never clear the exams. So I had to enrol for my graduation in Evening College. And in addition to that, I wanted to help my dad in our family business, which was our livelihood, as he was looking after it all alone.

Work was cut out for me.!!!

Oh yeah, I forgot, I had this crazy Idea to start a youth magazine, with my friend, and we jumped into it without a second thought.

I had to run to the office where I was doing my mandatory internship, get back to the shop to relive my dad for lunch, go attend my graduation classes all the way on the other side of the city, come back to close the shop, and get home. And then if I had time left, I had to study for my exams.

All I had was my bicycle in which I used to ride over 30 Miles per day, and some pennies in my pocket, in case I had a bad tyre.

Was I Just Lucky??

Scene 2

It was our school reunion. I was meeting all of my friends after a long 5 years (after my monk life). and due to living in isolation, I was generally akward around people, especially around the opposite gender. I was like Raj from The Big Bang Theory.

And there she was standing, in the corner, with a group of friends.

I never dared to talk to her, and the reunion was over.

As the “fate” turned out, we did connect on Orkut (sorry millennials) subsequently and started getting close. Rightly said, the power of love can change a life, and I slowly started to shed my cocoon and become social. I was getting more comfortable with people in general.

Years passed, we hardly met a couple of times. But the bond grew stronger. There was pressure from her parents. They all liked me a lot and had no objection. But they couldn’t wait any longer. I had to Marry. And she never wanted to disappoint her parents. We suffered silently but could`nt do anything about it.

And I Cleared my CA Exams then. The whole world assumed I was So Lucky. But the fact was I was reeling from a severe heart break!!

Was I Lucky??

Did I Wish I had a better childhood? Did I wish I was lucky in love? Ofcourse I did. But do I regret my struggle? Never!!!

Because I was brought up in a strict household, I learnt the value of freedom.

Because I come from a scarce background, I appreciate what money represents

Because I had to endure pain, I became an empath.

Because I was heart broken, I could appreciate love in everything else!!.

The only Good Luck many great men ever had, was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck. 

Disclaimer to my family and friends: All the Characters in this story are fictitious. Please dont call me up and dig for details 😉

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