Happy Birthday Sir. M V

True Story:

A couple of years back, I was attending a “Fun @ Work” event organized by our company; it was Sep -15th Engineer`s day. Surprisingly, I answered the most no of questions and won the highest chocolates(yeah, that was the coveted prize).  Our CEO pointed out that, how could a “non-engineer”, steal the show on Engineer`s day? To that, I said;

“Whoever is in charge of designing and building their lives, is no less an Engineer. “

Happy Engineer`s Day!!!

Here is my video tribute to Bharata Ratna, Sir. M.V, Father of Modern Mysore State (Currently Karnataka)

He was responsible (under the patronage of the Mysore government) for the founding of:

  1.  Mysore Soap Factory, Parasitoid Laboratory,
  2. Mysore Iron & Steel Works (now known as Viswesvarayya Iron and Steel Limited) in Bhadravathi,
  3. Sri Jayachamarajendra Polytechnic Bangalore,
  4. Bangalore Agricultural University,
  5. The State Bank of Mysore,
  6. Century Club,
  7. Mysore Chamber of Commerce (Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry – FKCCI), the Apex Chamber of Commerce in Karnataka, 
  8. University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (Bangalore) and numerous other industrial places.
  9. He was also on the Board of Directors of Tata Steel, from 1927–1955.

Few lesser known facts; A very important part of his nature was his love for Kannada. He set up Kannada Parishat for the improvement of Kannada. He wanted seminars for Kannada supporters to be instituted and conducted in Kannada itself. Visvesvaraya is known to have designed and planned an entire area of Jayanagar in South Bangalore. The foundation of Jayanagar was laid in 1959. It was one of the first planned neighbourhoods in Bangalore and, at the time, the largest in Asia. It is believed that the locality, designed by Visvesvaraya, has one of best-planned layouts in Asia.

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