Missing Suits? Watch these great shows!!

Inspired by the tremendous response on my previous post, (thanks by the way) here comes something on similar lines. This time it’s all about TV Series; but for only those who have watched and fell in love with this magnificent show.

Why do some TV Series captivate us so much? Is it their cliff hangers? Is it the continuity we feel good about that is lacking in movies (unless its trilogy) or the anticipation which keeps us glued? Whatever the reason may be, haven’t you eagerly waited for airing of next episode of your favourite TV Series?

But, Sadly, all good things must end!! So did Suits.. We all miss the Charisma of Harvey, Grace of Donna, Loyalty of Luis, Wits of Mike(Spoiler Alert; you get to see him for one last time in the finale).

In case if you haven’t watched the last episode of the series, I suggest you do so now!! You will be in for a surprise, and not just about Mike. 

Why did we fall for Suits? Is it the brilliant choice of characters? Its impeccable fashion sense?  Character Chemistry? Casting (can you imagine anyone else playing Donna)? Or is it the dark themed yet sensible way Aaron Korsh builds and breaks the relationships with the characters? For me, it was always the magnetic charm of Great Harvey Specter (I have custom T-Shirt with WWHD quote, What Would Hari Do )

Feeling bummed by the mediocre screenplay of Pearson (we all were expecting another suits, waiting to see Jessica in all her Glory) one of my friends who is also a Suit”e” like me, asked if there are any other shows like suits. We did a google search and found that most of the search result indicated other legal dramas like Chicago Justice and Law and Order. Of course, those shows are great in their own respect, but are we looking for a courtroom drama? These shows don’t give us what we were looking for, why we love suits.  So here is my take on the shows I loved, which may cure you of the Suit-lessness.


undefinedBoston legal is a strange case where the spin-off stole the show from its original series. What started as The Practice, continued for a few seasons before the spin off Boston legal was born. Exploiting the character nuances of “Alan shore” from Practice, with the right mix of Humour, satire, with a pinch of dark truth about the American dream, Boston Legal took on current issues such as Guns, Pharma, Tobacco etc. We get to see the friendship of Harvey and Mike in Alan and Denny.  Although most of the scenes take place in the courtroom (I know I promised I wont take you there) with the splendid narrating abilities of Alan Shore, you never feel like it’s a legal drama. Plus, James Spader, (remember Altron in Avengers, yeah, that was him) brings that urgency, eccentricity to the character, which is a must watch. Its is still a mystery why ABC© decided to end the series with just 5 seasons.


A story about the bright and sleek guy who is trying to make amends. His life revolve around a bunch of lies. A guy who can convince almost anyone. a story of his friendship with a much older guy, who tries to set him straight. Sound familiar?undefined

White Collar is the closest thing to suits amongst all the TV series I have watched. Much like Harvey and Ross in Suits, these two quickly develop an intriguing bond, and their bonhomie leads to a light-hearted binge-worthy show with a few tricks up its sleeve. It has almost everything we fell in love with suits. I dare you to watch it and not fall in love with the charismatic con artist Neal Caffery.


Lucifer is the story of the original fallen angel. Bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, Lucifer has abandoned his throne and retired to L.A., where he owns Lux, an upscale nightclub… the character of Lucifer mirrors the invincible nature seen in Harvey. Also the way he tries to protect those he loves is admirable. if you can withstand the constant Flirtatious conversations, it’s a great show to watch.undefined


Don’t you love it when the two main character of the show get married at the end. (Oops another spoiler). Although we don’t get to see Harvey`s charm to a greater extent in Castle, Nathan Fillion, bring his comedic devilish yet pleasant persona to the show. Also the chemistry between Stana and Nathan is a treat to watch. No wonder it delighted us for 8 seasons. Although it is categorised under the Crime Genre, its not your typical run of the mill CSI stuff. it teaches us that the family values are the most important virtue in life. It was unfortunate that ABC took a decision to fire Stana, and the whole show fell apart.

5. SHERLOCK      

Sorcerer Supreme to our rescue once again. (Am I referring too much to MCU, maybe I am hinting the next post?) Present day remake of Victorian era tale, Sherlock is often praised for its brilliant Writing, acting and direction. However, what got me addicted to sherlock was how witty compelling and fast paced story line it has. We get to see the Giant Ego of Harvey (though its nothing as compared to that of sherlock), the close friendship and mentoring between Sherlock and Watson, like that of Harvey and Mike.   You start to admire sherlock as you did Harvey!


undefinedWe started the list with one of the best performances of James, isn’t it fair that we end it with one which tops that? Welcome to The Blacklist follow the adventure of a (il)legal partnership of FBI with its No one Fugitive. Apart from the beautifully drafted story line filled with twists, what made me glued to this series is the magnetism of Raymond “Red” Reddington. The way he protects Liz, his friendship with Dembe, all reminds me of Harvey. Also, he is supposed to be the best in his field, just like Harvey was! He is of course refereed to as the Concierge of Crime by his peers. The awe and fear he imbibes in his enemies reminds me Harvey`s reputation. It’s a must watch for both the fans of Suits and James.

So which one are you watching tonight?

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